Guide To Win Keep Playing Super 10

Poker Online – Super10 is a card-type game that is a new product provided by IDN Poker agents. Which maybe not everyone will know or know what Super10 is and how to play it. But if you have seen at a glance how to play Super10 it is almost the same as Sakong / Samgong.

Yep, the way to play the two gambling games is very similar, but there are several things that differentiate it. Because it can’t be if there is the same game with a different name unless the name is interpreted from a foreign language.

The first thing that is very visible is the difference between Super10 and Sakong is that in Super10 the task of the dealer is only to distribute cards and the players will fight each other and determine the winner with the one with the highest number of numbers (set value). Whereas in Sakong a dealer will usually also play and the players must beat the dealer numbers as much as possible to win.

Guide To Win Keep Playing Super 10

But in this difference, there are several things that equate the two games, namely starting from how to play, the cards used, and the value (value) of each card.

Maybe someone is confused about why there are so many similarities between Super10 and Sakong, let us explain one by one.

-The way to play Sakong is usually to count the number of cards in the player’s hand and use the sum of the values ​​(value) of each card held against the dealer. And in Super10 it is not much different where players also have to calculate the value of the card that is held as a weapon in placing bets later. And what is really the same from the two games is that at the beginning of the game the gamblers will be given 3 cards by the dealer.

-Both gambling games use 1 deck of playing cards as a playing tool so there is no cheating because there are cards with the same image and damage the rotation of the cards for the next game.

-Between Super10 and Sakong use the value (value) on each card with the same number. That is, 2 to 10 has the same value as the card, King cards such as King, Queen and Jack have a value of 10, and the US has a value of 1.

From these similarities there are several differences that must be understood so that you do not confuse how to play Super10 and Sakong. That is where in the pocket gambling game the player will add up all the card values ​​in his hand and usually the value used is the original amount that has been calculated by the player which usually has 2 digit numbers.

Whereas in Super10 games, this card type game only uses the last number in the result of the sum of the values ​​on the card. Suppose a player gets a total value of 24, then the number drawn is only 4.

So from this conclusion, it can be seen that playing Super10 really requires high luck and the right strategy to win. Because if you are careless in placing bets, it is very likely that you will quickly run out of capital and go bankrupt.

Therefore we will provide a Guide to Win and Continue to Play Super 10 for those of you card gambling game lovers who might want to try playing Super10 for the first time.

Here’s the review:

1. Know the Rules and How to Play
Playing online gambling at IDN Poker does not only require a large amount of capital but also some fairly important knowledge, namely how to play and the rules that apply to every IDN Poker online gambling game. Because in each game it is certain to use different rules. Therefore, it is highly recommended to remember the rules and know how to play so that you don’t lose later.

2. Preparing Sufficient Capital
Bringing money is very important before you can play Super10 gambling at IDN Poker, where this capital will be a betting tool in search of victory. But because you are confident or feel good at playing Super10, you can bring as much capital as possible.

3. Register at a Trusted IDN Poker Agent
Before you play Super10 gambling, the first thing to do is look for an online poker agent for a place to play later. So it is highly recommended to register and become a member of a trusted IDN Poker site or agent that will certainly provide many benefits.

4. Use Time Wisely
It is very clear and feels very clear to anyone that when they are playing, they will forget when the time has passed, and this can happen when you are playing Super10 gambling. Which usually you only want to play for a while but without realizing it has been playing for 12 hours.

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