Types of Poker Games At Online Poker Agents

Poker Online – Poker is a card gambling game that has been played by many people around the world, even in Indonesia itself, the demand is very much. And that’s why usually online gambling sites such as Online Poker Agents provide poker as their mainstay game. So that gamblers will have no trouble if they want to try playing poker on the site.

But of course, the development of times and technology is also followed by developments in the world of gambling, where the current poker gambling game has different types and varieties of other games. Or usually still using the same game tool or using a card.

With that currently the game of poker has been very widespread and there are more and more types of games that can be found at Online Poker Agents. Which is really appreciated and loved by online gambling connoisseurs so that brands can choose freely which games match their tastes.

Of course, with the many types of poker games that exist, the addition of new prospective players is also increasing, because maybe there are some poker games that are commonly played in public places that can now be played online at the Online Poker Agent.

That is why it is very profitable, not only for online gambling enjoyers and also site administrators. And even new players can try some poker games that may not have been seen and tried, because indeed the many types of games will make some people curious to try them.

Types of Poker Games At Online Poker Agents

Instead of trying to fad and then losing because you don’t understand the poker game, you better read the explanation of the poker game available at this Online Poker Agent. So that you will not experience errors in playing that cause significant losses.

Not talking at length again, we will explain the types of poker games at online poker agents. Here’s the review:

1. Poker Holdem

Perhaps many of you are familiar with and know the card game which is already very well known among the general public. Gambling games that use this card are so popular that they have appeared in a lot of movies, TV, and videos on how to play them.
Indeed, the way to play is very easy and also fun, but if you don’t know the basics of how to play it it will be difficult to get a win. Some explanations of Poker Holdem:
The maximum number of players is only 9 players and 1 dealer in 1 table.
Players get 2 cards each.
The steps that players can use in turn are “Check”, “Raise”, “Fold”, and “All In ‘.
The dealer is only tasked with distributing cards to players, collecting betting chips, and placing 5 Community Cards.
Players can bring the maximum or minimum betting capital depending on the betting table.

2. Ceme

The next game is Ceme or what is commonly referred to as a simple card game. Using 1 domino card deck as a playing tool, ceme games are usually played by gambling activists in hangout places. But with this Online Poker Agent, you can play Ceme easily and anywhere, moreover you can also try to play with a large number of bets to get a lot of wins.
The way to play is very easy and also interesting makes this Ceme game also very popular among the public, because in this game a player / player can become a dealer to get big wins. Some Ceme explanations:
The maximum number of players is 9 and a minimum of 2 people.
Usually from these 9 players, 8 people become players and 1 person becomes a dealer / dealer.
Each player and dealer will get 2 domino cards.
To win in this ceme game, players must be able to get numbers that are close to 9.
In this game, the dots on the dominoes have the same number value.
If there is a result of the sum of the 2 digit numbers, then the last digit is used. For example, the result is 15, then only the number 5 is used.
All players at 1 table fight against the dealer to get the win.

3. Capsa Susun

Surely many of you are already familiar with the Capsa Susun game, which is indeed available in the Google Plyastore download application but with fake chips. But at the Online Poker Agent, of course you can try to play Capsa Susun using real money as a betting tool.
Using 1 deck of poker cards as a playing tool and only having 4 players, of course you can try this game because it is very interesting and also profitable. Some of the Capsa Susun explanations:
The minimum number of players is only 2 people and a maximum of 4 people.
Each player will get 13 poker cards that are distributed equally.
The player’s task is to arrange the cards from bottom to top with a 5-5-3 hand.
The bottom hand must have the best combination of the middle hand, and so on.

4. Omaha

Many of these card games may not know it or are rarely heard in the general public, but for online gambling activists, they have definitely heard of this one game. Because it has the same way of playing as Poker Holdem, the Omaha game is very popular with online card gambling lovers.
Even though the way to play is almost the same, of course there are differences in terms of the rules and also the games that are displayed, so that it has its own uniqueness. Some of Omaha’s explanations:
The maximum number of players is 5 and a minimum of 2 people and 1 dealer.
The way to play is almost similar to Poker Holdem, which is looking for the best card combination with Community Cards on the table.
But players here are given 4 cards from the dealer to play with.
Players can only use 2 of the 4 cards to find card combinations.

5. Super 10

The Super 10 game has become phenomenal because the style of play is similar to the simple card gambling, Samgong / Sakong. What really looks similar is how to count the number of cards and also the value on each of these cards, but even though they look the same there are some differences that you should know such as the number of values ​​used and how to play them.
By using 1 deck of poker cards as a playing tool, the Super 10 game is indeed very easy because we are only required to find the value with the greatest number of 10. Some explanations for Super 10:
The maximum number of players is 9 and a minimum of 2 people and 1 dealer.
Players will get only 3 cards each.
The player must add up the values ​​on the card to find the greatest number of numbers.
The biggest number in the Super 10 game is 10.
The value on the cards remains the same as the images 9 to 2, for King cards and 10 have a value of 0, and aces have a value of 1.

6. Domino QQ

The next poker game is Domino QQ, where the game using domino cards is very popular among young people. As the name implies, Domino QQ or Domino 99 where players must be able to find pairs of numbers each at most 9. Some explanations for Domino QQ:
The maximum number of players is 6 people and a minimum of 2 people and 1 dealer.
Players will get 4 cards each.
In the first round of the game, players only get 3 cards first until the next round.
If the player still participates in the game, 1 more card will be given, so the player has 4 cards in hand.
Players must add up the numbers on the 4 cards so that they only have 2 nominal numbers.
So players must add up each 2 of the 4 cards to get the biggest number.
The biggest number to win in this game is 9.

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Tips for Finding Trusted IDN Poker Agents

Poker Online – It is no longer strange if there are many types of gambling games that can be used easily by today’s society, there is no need to look for a casino to play because only with telecommunications devices such as smartphones and computers you can enjoy the various online gambling games you want.

It is indeed no stranger to playing online poker now, it’s just enough to register at the gambling agent you want so you can enjoy the game. One example of the most sought-after gambling agent is the IDN Poker Agent which is already very trusted and has the best credibility as a place to play online poker gambling.

Where, of course, many have heard about the IDN Poker Agent, which is often a suggestion for new online gambling players. Because by registering there, you are guaranteed safety and you can also enjoy the various online poker game facilities that are provided.

Even more so, by joining the agent, you can get various attractive benefits for new players, and how to get it is very easy, just by registering or becoming a member, you are guaranteed to immediately receive the benefits that are given.

But of course, even though it is very easy today to play online poker gambling, it is also very easy to get trapped from fake online gambling sites that just want to make a profit by tricking new players.

Tips for Finding Trusted IDN Poker Agents

So that it has become very important in finding a Trusted IDN Poker Agent which is the main goal for new players. Because with that you will not be trapped from fake sites that cause losses for new players who want to try playing online poker for the first time.

That’s why it is the main obligation for new players to be smart in finding a trusted agent to get what they want, such as the benefits that can be obtained such as bonuses or being able to try various interesting online poker games.

Therefore it is highly recommended before joining a particular agent to find out the right way to find a Trusted IDN Poker Agent. In order not to lose before you can play the desired online poker, which is actually very easy to find.

With the tips that we will convey, it is guaranteed that you can find out how to find a trusted IDN Poker Agent without having to think long before becoming a member. It’s a shame if you bother to find it but don’t play online poker because you are confused about which agents are trusted.

Tips for Finding Trusted IDN Poker Agents

Therefore we will share some important tips in finding a Trusted IDN Poker Agent that you can use easily, and are guaranteed to get the agent you dream of. Not lingering anymore, here are some explanations:

1. Have the Best Website
The first is having the best website, it has become very important for an online gambling agent in luring new members to prepare the website as attractive as possible. Because usually the most important part for someone to determine what they think is comfortable if the website is reliable and can provide a sense of security and comfort while playing online poker.

2. Easy To Access
The second is that it is easy to access, sometimes in looking for the desired online gambling agent there are sites that are difficult to open or are subject to “Positive Internet” filtering which is very annoying for new players. And which of course you will not find if you open an IDN Poker Agent which is guaranteed to be very easy to access using any internet network.

3. Easy Menu Navigation
The third is easy menu navigation, which is another important thing when you are browsing the site you are looking for, it must be easy to select a menu and also each menu selected must go to the desired page. Of course, the most important thing is that there are no advertisements or banners that interfere with viewing or navigating the menu that is being searched for.

4. Support Local And Famous Banks
The fourth is the support of well-known and local banks, if you really intend to join the agent you have chosen, don’t forget to see if the site already provides various types of banks that can be used in transactions. Because it has become commonplace for trusted IDN Poker agents to always provide support from various well-known and local banks.

5. Complete Poker Game
The fifth is a complete poker game, before determining the online gambling agent you want to choose, it doesn’t hurt to see if the agent has provided the various kinds of poker games you want. Which is very mandatory if a trusted IDN Poker Agent provides a complete variety of poker games to provide a pleasant experience to its members.

6. Have an Official License
The sixth is having an official license, which is quite important for online gambling agents to be able to give their members trust by already having an official license from PAGCOR. So that the members or prospective new players will not hesitate to join.

7. Have the Best Customer Service
The seventh is to have the best customer service, if you are in doubt in choosing the desired online gambling agent, there is nothing wrong with trying to ask customer service that is usually provided on online gambling sites. And ask some things that make you curious about the services provided, if indeed you are satisfied with the answer from the customer service, it is guaranteed that the agent can be trusted.

Those are some reliable tips in finding a trusted IDN Poker Agent, which of course you are guaranteed to be able to find easily by using these tips. So you can avoid fake sites that can make you lose because you are deceived.

And also the most important thing in finding a trusted agent is not to easily believe the bonuses that are usually advertised to lure new players, and look for the right information whether the bonus is true without making you lose in the future.

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Tips for Choosing a Trusted IDN Poker Agent to Play Online Poker

Poker Online – Online poker gambling is a popular game among gamblers, because many people like the game, it’s no wonder that the demand will not decrease until now. From those who just play for fun to those who make it a job.

With many who want to try playing online poker gambling, there are those who just want to try playing online poker but use a poker application which is usually available on Google Play but of course they don’t use real money as a betting tool.

Although there are options to play poker gambling that are “safe”, of course, many online gambling lovers who immediately want to play online poker using real money as playing capital. Because it is not only challenging but it will also be more fun to play online poker.

But of course someone will ask. Where is the best place or site to play online poker gambling? To be sure, we will answer it at the IDN Poker Agent. Why should it be there? Because the IDN Poker agent is an official place that provides the best and most complete card games, which is certainly available online poker gambling in it.

Tips for Choosing a Trusted IDN Poker Agent to Play Online Poker

Not only that, by playing at the IDN poker agent, it is guaranteed that every new member who registers is immediately presented with promising promos and bonuses. So not only can you get a lot of money from winning playing poker but also from bonuses.

Surely you will be interested in trying to play poker online at an IDN Poker agent, but when you look for it on the internet there will be lots of sites or websites that use the trusted IDN Poker name. Therefore we will not leave you with half-hearted advice, after this we will provide some Tips for Choosing a Trusted IDN Poker Agent for Playing Online Poker that you must follow if you are sure you want to register and play online poker.

Here’s the review:

1. Seeing the number of members who joined

The first thing you have to pay attention to is how many members are joining the IDN Poker site, not only that but whether these members are always actively playing. Because if the site is truly trusted, there will certainly be a lot of members who join, and there are always those who are active to play poker gambling in it. Just like a consumer product, if it is trusted by the public, there will certainly be many who buy it.

So before joining or registering, use the available time to assess whether the players on the site really are playing and also quite a lot of members.

2. Legality and Credibility

The second thing to note is that the site has the best legality and credibility. What it means to have the best legality is to have a betting certificate that is officially licensed by PAGCOR, because having this will guarantee that the site you want to play online poker has the best security.
And what is meant to have credibility is how the site treats members who have registered. Do they always make it easy for their loyal players so that there is always positive value without negative comments about the site.

3. Existing Facilities

The third thing is how the site provides facilities to its members, especially from the number of games provided. Because to become a trusted IDN poker agent is to be able to provide the best experience to players with the availability of complete online gambling games.

In addition, does the online gambling site provide a means of playing on a mobile basis by providing an application download link for those who want to play online poker gambling via cell phones. Because in this sophisticated era it is an obligation for online gambling sites to be able to provide mobile applications for their members.

4. Transparent Promos and Bonuses

The fourth thing is to pay attention to whether the bonuses and promos provided are true to what was promised. With the increasing competition for the growing and growing online gambling market, it is not surprising that other poker agents will market their sites with promises of lucrative bonuses and promos.

But those of you who want to find a trusted IDN poker agent, don’t be tempted by what was promised and just listened, try to find information on whether the promised bonuses and promos really exist and don’t have complicated conditions. Because usually a trusted IDN poker agent will provide bonuses and promos that are guaranteed to be easy to get and also very profitable.

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Tips for playing Domino QQ for beginners at IDN Poker agents

Poker Online – Who is not familiar with IDN Poker which is the best place to play online gambling, as the most appropriate means of betting in online poker games with real money, of course, players must be smart to choose before spending their capital.

IDN Poker agents are the most appropriate means for online poker gamblers to place real money bets and look for the biggest winnings. And by joining the IDN Poker agent is something that is highly recommended, because with that players will feel a big advantage.

One of the advantages of joining and playing at the IDN Poker agent is that there are many bonuses that can be easily obtained, plus a jackpot system which is very useful for gamblers to increase their betting enthusiasm in seeking the greatest possible win.

Another advantage of joining an IDN Poker agent is that gamblers can freely choose which games they want to try, because on this site it is certain to provide complete online gambling games and of course they are officially licensed and guaranteed legality for players.

The games provided by idn poker agents are Poker Holdem, Ceme, Domino QQ, Capsa Susun, Omaha, and Super 10. Of the many online gambling games available, of course the players will not be bored to keep betting and looking for as much profit as possible.

Tips for playing Domino QQ for beginners at IDN Poker agents

And the game that online gamblers are looking for right now is Domino QQ, which is an online gambling game that uses a Domino card as a playing tool.

Playing domino qq is very easy and also profitable especially when playing at an idn poker agent, which usually will provide a very large bonus to provide comfort for players who are members of the site.

With the development of the domino qq gambling game, it will certainly attract many beginner players who want to try to find luck, which is the wrong path and can end up in losses. Because to be able to win playing online domino qq gambling, you must be able to know how to play and also the rules. But if you are familiar with how to play it and also know the basics of domino qq, then getting multiple wins will be easier.

For those of you who are one of the beginner players in online domino qq gambling, we will provide some useful things to help you play correctly and also increase your winnings.

1. Domino QQ game uses 1 domino deck, totaling 28 cards
2. In 1 game, usually 6 chairs will be provided for players, which means that only 24 cards are used.
3. If the game does not use a Bandar, then later only the player will fight the player to win the chips that are at stake.
4. The distribution of cards for the first time only 3 cards are given to each player.
5. When you get the first 3 cards, the player must look for a combination with 2 cards to find a number with the number 9. If the player does not get that number then he can return the card to the dealer and not continue the game.
6. If there are players left, the dealer will give the last 1 card to each player, so there are 4 cards in the player’s hand.
7. The one who has the right to take all the chips that have been installed is the player with the largest card combination. The method of counting from the 4 cards will be taken the number of numbers from 2 cards, so there are 2 numbers used from 4 cards.
8. If there is a number of numbers that produce 2 digits, then the last digit of the 2 digits will be taken, such as 4 and 9, the result will be 3, not 13.
8. Suppose the first player gets a card with a point or dot value on each card with a number of 4,5,9,7 and the second player with a number of 3,6,8,9. Then the first player can get 9, and 6 in total. And the second player can get 9, and 7.
9. From this result, the player is the winner, and can get all the chips that have been bet.

So those are some tips for playing Domino QQ for beginners at IDN Poker agents that you can use to play online gambling. Because to win big in domino qq games at idn poker agents it is highly recommended to use the best methods and strategies so that you won’t miss a very profitable bonus. Adious and Gracias.

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Guide To Win Keep Playing Super 10

Poker Online – Super10 is a card-type game that is a new product provided by IDN Poker agents. Which maybe not everyone will know or know what Super10 is and how to play it. But if you have seen at a glance how to play Super10 it is almost the same as Sakong / Samgong.

Yep, the way to play the two gambling games is very similar, but there are several things that differentiate it. Because it can’t be if there is the same game with a different name unless the name is interpreted from a foreign language.

The first thing that is very visible is the difference between Super10 and Sakong is that in Super10 the task of the dealer is only to distribute cards and the players will fight each other and determine the winner with the one with the highest number of numbers (set value). Whereas in Sakong a dealer will usually also play and the players must beat the dealer numbers as much as possible to win.

Guide To Win Keep Playing Super 10

But in this difference, there are several things that equate the two games, namely starting from how to play, the cards used, and the value (value) of each card.

Maybe someone is confused about why there are so many similarities between Super10 and Sakong, let us explain one by one.

-The way to play Sakong is usually to count the number of cards in the player’s hand and use the sum of the values ​​(value) of each card held against the dealer. And in Super10 it is not much different where players also have to calculate the value of the card that is held as a weapon in placing bets later. And what is really the same from the two games is that at the beginning of the game the gamblers will be given 3 cards by the dealer.

-Both gambling games use 1 deck of playing cards as a playing tool so there is no cheating because there are cards with the same image and damage the rotation of the cards for the next game.

-Between Super10 and Sakong use the value (value) on each card with the same number. That is, 2 to 10 has the same value as the card, King cards such as King, Queen and Jack have a value of 10, and the US has a value of 1.

From these similarities there are several differences that must be understood so that you do not confuse how to play Super10 and Sakong. That is where in the pocket gambling game the player will add up all the card values ​​in his hand and usually the value used is the original amount that has been calculated by the player which usually has 2 digit numbers.

Whereas in Super10 games, this card type game only uses the last number in the result of the sum of the values ​​on the card. Suppose a player gets a total value of 24, then the number drawn is only 4.

So from this conclusion, it can be seen that playing Super10 really requires high luck and the right strategy to win. Because if you are careless in placing bets, it is very likely that you will quickly run out of capital and go bankrupt.

Therefore we will provide a Guide to Win and Continue to Play Super 10 for those of you card gambling game lovers who might want to try playing Super10 for the first time.

Here’s the review:

1. Know the Rules and How to Play
Playing online gambling at IDN Poker does not only require a large amount of capital but also some fairly important knowledge, namely how to play and the rules that apply to every IDN Poker online gambling game. Because in each game it is certain to use different rules. Therefore, it is highly recommended to remember the rules and know how to play so that you don’t lose later.

2. Preparing Sufficient Capital
Bringing money is very important before you can play Super10 gambling at IDN Poker, where this capital will be a betting tool in search of victory. But because you are confident or feel good at playing Super10, you can bring as much capital as possible.

3. Register at a Trusted IDN Poker Agent
Before you play Super10 gambling, the first thing to do is look for an online poker agent for a place to play later. So it is highly recommended to register and become a member of a trusted IDN Poker site or agent that will certainly provide many benefits.

4. Use Time Wisely
It is very clear and feels very clear to anyone that when they are playing, they will forget when the time has passed, and this can happen when you are playing Super10 gambling. Which usually you only want to play for a while but without realizing it has been playing for 12 hours.

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How to win without effort on a trusted IDN Poker site

IDN Poker is the biggest online card gambling tool you have heard everywhere. Of course, all players who want to find additional capital will try hard to pursue victory. Because the choice of card gambling games is quite a lot, players will not be bored to play on the IDN Poker site.

It is certain that looking for victory in playing on the IDN Poker Site is no longer a difficult thing to get, many IDN Poker Site operations make it easy for players to get an advantage when playing. Because not only does it make players feel at home to keep trying to find luck, but it can also become more trust from gamblers or players to the Trusted IDN Poker Site.

Who doesn’t want to always win in playing, of course all gamblers or better want to get a profit and be able to increase the capital they have prepared. Because of this, you can if you can make good use of what the agent provides, one of which is when you get a bonus from the IDN Poker Site. Then you can just use the bonus without touching the capital that has been prepared to play and get multiple wins.


Looks easy right? it is very easy if you keep trying and don’t give up quickly because the success and luck in playing your favorite game is to stay consistent without giving up. Who knows, in a few rounds the game wins a lot and you can use the money you get for everyday life or try again to multiply.

If you want to win easily when playing on your trusted IDN Poker Site, don’t forget to use a few things that we will explain, who knows they might be of use to you. Of course this method can be used for all types of games on the Online Gambling Site. How to win without effort on a trusted IDN poker site:

1. First is to use the bonus system that is given.

Now the first thing you have to do is use and take advantage of the bonus system that is given to you from the IDN Poker Site. As previously explained, you can use this bonus to play before using your capital and easily win. It’s easy, right, so you have nothing to lose when playing your favorite game on the IDN Poker Site.

This Bonus System also has a few more details that you can use to win easily.
– First, when you register and deposit, you get a free bonus from the IDN Poker Site of your choice. With this bonus you can play without using the money that you just deposited and can still get if you win, your money can increase without reducing your capital.
But it must be remembered that the bonus from the deposit cannot be disbursed so you have to use it to play.

– Second, namely the referral bonus. What is meant by referral bonus is when you use your link to invite your relatives or friends to register and play on IDN Poker Site. The bonus will come from the total turnover that friends or relatives make during play if you register via your link.
This bonus is permanent if your friends or relatives keep playing. Very easy right? even without playing you can get a bonus.

– The third is from the Bonus given to special events. The IDN Poker site will usually provide additional bonuses to its members on certain days or on major holidays.
You can use this bonus to get additional capital easily without even spending more money to play.

2. Second is seeking insight or knowledge from the Pro Player

This second discussion is very important, Why? because all the games on the IDN Poker Site must have secrets and tricks that are used to win without effort.
Of course, gamblers or players who have been struggling for a long time in the game will understand this secret, so it’s not wrong if you see or just read how they can win easily in gambling. With the breadth of the internet network today, it will be very easy to find tutorials starting from videos or articles on the Internet.

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